Hi! My Name is Cara.

I am an entrepreneur who creates user-centric experiences on the web.


I create user-centric products & digital experiences by combining design & development skills, while constantly focusing on continuous improvement.

I specialize in these fields:

Product Management

Taking an idea of what could be a digital product, performing the necessary research to create an outline for an MVP, and then following through on all of the planning & execution to bring that product to life.


I am a self taught developer, who loves translating pixels into organized, functional code. I constantly strive to learn new languages, and gain a better understanding on how to write code more effectively.


Focused on collecting and understanding data and analytics as a key component to creating quality human-centric experiences, that attribute to lead-generation & high performing website conversions.

User Experience

Through prototyping, user analysis, and user flow testing, I use human-centered design principals to create solutions for problems through a focus on the needs, behaviors, and emotions of the people that project serves.

Branding & Visual Design

Keeping a constant eye on design trends, I use tools like Invision, Photoshop, and Sketch to help me with rapid prototyping, and creating high & low fidelity mockups to help bring a projects vision to life.

Digital Strategy

With an understanding of all of the above, as well as digital advertising, social media management, and SEM, I am able to align all digital efforts to work collaboratively towards a brands greater goals & objectives.

About Me

I am an entrepreneur, UX strategist, and web developer who creates user-centric experiences on the web. I am from the Bronx, NY, but currently reside in Central Connecticut where I am co-founder of a creative digital agency in Hartford. I strive to write organized, up-to-date code, and love architecting clean and simple user interfaces for web projects and products, alike.

I enjoy collaborating with my team and other creatives to meet user needs, and goals in order to create positive user experiences through the various industries and businesses that I work with.

My ultimate professional goals are to continually lead, learn, grow, and collaborate within the user experience and technical spaces so that I can continue to help others build successful businesses, as well as create digital products that can change the world.

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